Haven James

Haven has a wide variety of professional experiences and knowledge. Her professional background began in 1973 as an elementary teacher.  When she left the academic realm the first time in 1999, she transitioned to the corporate world where she excelled in sales, customer service, and training. She created many successful customer service teams in the telecommunications field.  Then she went on to develop a highly successful Leadership Development program for her employer in 2005.  She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit running many of her own businesses. Her real passion is facilitating others in change through her own personal coaching practice.  In 2008 she returned to teaching spending 6 plus years living in China and Spain teaching English and business skills. When she returned to the United States in 2015 she turned her full attention to serving, educating and supporting those individuals developing their spiritual gifts and supporting women in transition.

Haven is a:

  • Speaker
  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • 40+ years meditation practitioner
  • Meditation Instructor: Movement, Guided, Breath, Chanting
  • Reiki Master
  • Spiritual Intuitive
  • Participatant in Nightingale Conant coaching certification program
  • Leadership Development Trainer
  • Master Facilitator Natural Change Consulting
  • Published poet

If you are in transition, feel a little unsure about your next step, have experienced a major life change, or suspect you or your child has a denied spiritual gift, working with Haven will move you toward clarity and peace of mind quickly and with as little discomfort as possible.

She shares:

My first experience with my spiritual gifts was at only 2 years old, it was a duel psychic and emphatic event and so freighting to me that I closed that door hard and fast. I put a big padlock on it and a bold sign that said: “DANGER KEEP OUT”.  And so I thought I was safe, but as a teenager I again thought I would take a peek just for fun, just to see what would happen, so served as a medium for my friends at a party one night. This experience was just as terrifying as the first so back on went the lock and banner and I added a brand of skull and crossbones. That should keep me safe and sane.

I was not going down that path ever again! But “THINGS” kept happening that I didn’t want to think about and so for the next 35 years I lived in denial.  I ignored all the “crazy things” until one day I realized that lots of people really did consider me a little crazy. I could not ignore the mountain of evidence that there was something just a little different, a little off, a little…crazy about Pearl. So I decided to take another peek on the other side of the scary, scary door.

At first, I opened it just enough to let the hidden evidence fall out, I learned ways to protect myself spiritually and I begin to see me in a different way.  Now, almost 20 years later I actually like me and yes, some people still consider me completely crazy, but I know I am Crazy the Right Way.  Accepting and embracing my Spiritual Gifts, though not always easy, has been a blessing to me and is my gift to the world.