John Clark

Since training with NLP Comprehensive in 2002 and being certified by the Society of Applied Hypnosis in 2004, John Clark has used these exceptional tools of influence to effectively improve both these personal and professional interactions and communications.

After years of presenting and consulting with NLP and hypnotic influence as a side interest, with individuals and groups as diverse as construction superintendents, realtors, and hang glider instructors, John jumped into the change work profession as a full-time endeavor.

In his hypnotic practice, he combines centuries-old hypnotic practices with modern-day neuroscience as an effective means of helping clients reach their full potential. Use of hypnosis, in conjunction with guided imagery and NLP, are customized to meet each client’s needs.

Empathetic, yet iconoclastic and irreverent, he is dedicated to using his talents to assist others and to be a valuable guide, so you can tap your internal powers to achieve personal goals. Making lasting positive change should be at least as fun as it is effective and lasting.

When not guiding people to break out of their stuck situations and into permanently changing their lives for the better, John can be found skiing, flying paragliders, riding his motorcycle, fishing, and seeking out other activities which may push back the frontiers of his own comfort zone.  Make change fun! Call John today 801-410-8899