Xander Thimakis

Xander Thimakis spent his young life in extremely poor, continuingly failing health; surgeries, near death experiences, losing the ability to walk, several concussions with memory loss and damaged capacity to learn, an immune system declining at an alarming rate and a heavy dose of psych meds to leave the house. He was in fact not a very happy camper…When he realized the more meds and antibiotics and trips to the Doctors he took the sicker he got. He decided that he would take control and responsibility for his health. It all began with his father suggesting they attend a hypnosis class. They spent months re-wiring his brain, changing his belief systems, making a new man of him. He now no longer needed the psych meds something he believed he would never be rid of and with a new understanding of reality he decided he would fix his mind, his body, and his soul…. And he did. He now takes great pride in sharing everything he has ever learned to heal with you. Take charge of your total health today call Xander at 385-226-8986